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The Great Canadian Peanut Butter Drive (GCPBD)


What is the GCPBD

Food insecurity is a major problem in Canada. Food banks, which are being frequented at record rates, are being challenged with consistently providing Needy Canadians with low cost, non parishable food alternatives. Peanut Butter, a low cost, nutrient dense superfood, is dissapearing from shelves faster than food donation initiatives can replenish them. The goal of the RCPBD is to help Canadians help Canadians, by providing a medium to help get PB to the people that need it. Donation boxes will be distributed through the greater Toronto Area between November 1-30, with “The Peanut Butter Finale” taking place on November 30th at Redline Athletics (1081 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, Ont) You can support the GCPBD by emailing us at athleticeatery@gmail.com. Please submit your contact information below in order to:

*Arrange for Donation Box Delivery:

*Be promoted and featured on Athletic Eatery Media (over 40k Followers)

Receive a business/product review  with an athletic audience who is also interested in Social Outreach and companies that ‘make a difference’

*Take part in a fun, exciting form of Social outreach

*Be recognized for helping fight a growing problem in our country


Donate Peanut Butter!!!

*submit your email address and contact information below and we will arrange for Peanut Butter Pickup!

Register today to receive and receive free  access to the book “ How to Grow the peanut and 105 ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption” by George Washington Carver! 7C01874A-5C62-4E62-BE13-B4CCFBDAF9D8This Book is a must have for Peanut Butter Conoisseurs!


For a One of a Kind Culinary/ Exercise Experience, Attend The Peanut Butter Camp on November 30 at Redline Athletics! Enjoy a Dynamic Group Exercise Environment with other cool people like yourself! Stay for Some Peanut Butter Based Snacks!